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We are Dazzle.

You can count on us for top notch Drupal & WordPress websites as well as fantastic mobile apps in Flutter.

Our dazzlin' services.

Drupal websites

We create websites in Drupal, a proven leader in open source CMS, to achieve the best possible customer experience.

Our advantages

  • Agile approach
  • Senior Drupal consultants
  • Local project management combined with nearshore development

WordPress websites

WordPress, the most popular open source CMS, is the ideal choice to create easier and quicker to develop and user-friendly websites. 

Our advantages

  • Agile or Waterfall approach
  • Senior WordPress consultants
  • Local team

Mobile applications

We develop mobile apps for iOs and Android, designed to increase customer loyalty and to offer a fully personalized experience.

Our advantages

  • Agile approach
  • Senior Flutter consultants
  • Local team

Our cases.

ATS Groep

ATS needed a user-friendly website to quickly update their websites.

Thanks to a switch from Drupal to a WordPress multisite installation, each website has a unique look and feel but has shared functionalities that only needed to be developed once.

Marion Maakt

A significant rise in sales due to a new user-friendly website.

We have been working together with Marion Maakt for years. From the creation of her website to online marketing, we assist her in all aspects of her business.

DXC Technology

How a successful collaboration turned into a strategic partnership.

DXC is constantly trying to develop solutions to enable digital growth and was in need of an agile coach and consulting partner. After previous successful collaborations, Dazzle became a strategic partner.

How we ensure your peace of mind.


Personal approach.

Dazzle is an open book. We are very approachable thanks to a small, structured team with whom you are in direct contact at all times.


Sharing is caring.

There is no ‘I’ in the word ‘team’, and you, as a client, are a part of our team. Because we are always sharing our knowledge openly, you are getting the most out of our collaboration.


Honest commitment.

Transparency, certainty and shared commitment are crucial for us. We deliver at the agreed price, with no snags. We strive towards mutual respect between all parties involved. 

Ready to be ‘dazzled’?

Do you have a pressing question about your business? Are you ready to grow but unsure how to proceed? We provide advice to help your business reach its full potential. Schedule your call today, completely free and without any obligation.

Our blog.

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