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Dazzle: a company with an open culture

Dazzle likes to position itself as an innovative company. How, you ask? For one, we are a fully remote company, putting trust in our employees. Second, if you’ve read our blog about friendshoring, you know that we work with international employees and partners. Because why should we limit ourselves when the world is filled with potential, right? But does this mean we never see each other? Is there no connection between the people at Dazzle? Is it all business and no fun? You’d be surprised just how connected we really are. Let us tell you about it!

Throwback to our trip to Thassos

At the end of September, a big part of the team went to Thassos, a beautiful island in the north of Greece. These trips are an absolute must. We believe that connecting with people on a personal level is just as important as on a business level, so that’s exactly what we went there to do: strengthen connections. 

Our colleagues George and Nicos picked up the Belgian team in Thessaloniki and off to Thassos we went. What followed were five great days with some much needed sun, a lot of delicious food, some UNO (which some liked more than others), a certain amount of (break)dancing, and above all: friendships were forged.

These trips allow us to have fun and get to know each other on a personal level, rather than always talking purely business. By doing this, we strengthen ourselves as a team. And this is reflected in everything we do. 

Our dazzlin’ DNA 

Many companies say they are different and original but we actually stand by it 100%. This is something that our clients can confirm as well. We are direct, open and yes, we dare even say special. Let’s quickly zoom in on those terms.

Dazzle is a direct company, there is no doubt about that. If we don’t agree with something or if we don’t like something, we tell you. But this goes both ways: if you think we are doing something wrong, we expect you to tell us. This is the only way we can both benefit from a collaboration and grow. Direct with respect. 

We are also an open company. We take care of each other, and of our customers. Whether you are having a difficult day or need a new office chair at home, there isn’t an issue too big or small that can’t be talked about. We have this same honesty and open attitude towards our clients. 

And lastly, we like to call ourselves a little special. We’ve learned that we attract a certain type of person. In Dutch we would say ‘mensen met een hoek af’. We don’t need all the high-end profiles, but honest, real people who work towards the same goal. People for whom Dazzle is almost like a fun family rather than simply a work environment. 

Why our employees are our ambassadors

At the heart of every organization are the people who work there. Our digital strategist Sil joined the team after having her website developed by Dazzle and witnessing first-hand how Dazzle worked. WordPress developer Dennis started at Dazzle after previously having worked with Maui and hearing her talk about the Dazzle culture. 

Our Greek employee George pointed out that he enjoys working for Dazzle because of the cooperative team, flexible nature of the company, and the room we leave to work hard, play hard. Nicos, the Dazzle DevOps, also located in Greece, finds the friendly cooperative spirit from the entire team, as well as the remote work, flexible environment and high level understanding of technologies by colleagues important. 

Kevin has been with Dazzle for six years now and also lives by the work hard, play hard principle. He points out that by working for Dazzle, he has been able to grow as a person, which helped him further develop Dazzle as a company as well. Our most recent recruit, Jeff, joined us on the trip to Thassos the week before he started his first day as our brand new Project Manager. What better way to get to know your future colleagues than being put on an island with them for 5 days, right? 

As you can see, Dazzle’s identity ensures that our best ambassadors are our own employees, and we are very proud of that! 

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