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E-mail marketing: what is it and how to do it correctly?

E-mail marketing is all too often written off as an old-fashioned and useless means of communication, but this bad reputation is completely unjustified and outdated. In recent years, e-mail marketing has been on the rise again because it guarantees good results. The condition, however, is that you approach it well!

Avoid spam

Email marketing is very popular among marketers due to its low cost and high return. As a result, customers are sometimes inundated with e-mails, which is counterproductive. It is precisely because of these spam e-mails that, among other things, the GDPR legislation was introduced.

It is therefore very important to send personal and relevant emails. So make sure you have a well thought out email marketing strategy that allows you to achieve optimal results.

Keep your emails relevant

Relevance is crucial in email marketing. Make sure that the recipient of the email is interested in the content at that moment. This seems obvious, but is less obvious than it seems. 

Research what interests your target audienceUnwanted emails end up in the spam folder, which thwarts your entire email marketing strategy. Emails that are rated as spam by readers can also cause email providers to give you a negative status in the long run, which means that even relevant e-mails no longer reach your readers.

Illustratie van verkeersborden met spam erop en een brievenbus met @

Write personalised emails

  • Personalised subject lines result in 26% more opened emails
  • Personalised emails lead to 41% more clicks
  • Segment-based email campaigns generate up to 760% more revenue

To increase the relevance of your content, personalisation in email marketing is very important. This goes a lot further than addressing your recipient by their first name, for instance. It means thinking about the type of communication they wants to receive at a specific moment. Think of the well-known sales funnel that divides your customers into the specific phase they are in at that moment. In real life, you also want to build a relationship of trust with new leads before you start bombarding them with sales pitches, right? This also applies to the content of your emails.

buyer persona, illustratie van een blad papier met 6 personen erop en een vergrootglas

Email marketing and marketing automation

If you want to keep emails relevant and personalised, email marketing obviously becomes a very time-consuming process if you do it all manually.

That is why there are marketing automation tools that can help you with this. With such a tool, you assign customers to a certain segment by certain actions, such as downloading an article. Leads that are in this segment will in turn automatically receive different emails at different scheduled times.

The possibilities of marketing automation are endless and will not only save you a lot of time, but will also ensure that your emails with the desired content reach the right person at the right time.

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