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Why you should invest in your Facebook company page

Almost every entrepreneur knows intuitively that it is best to have a company page on Facebook. However, only 43% of Belgian companies actually have such a Facebook company page. A lot of opportunities that remain unused! We put all the facts and figures in a row to convince you to start doing social media marketing on Facebook.

Facebook in Belgium

Belgium has 7.50 million active social media users. That is 65% of the total population. A gigantic figure. The number of Belgian Facebook users increases by approximately 100,000 every year. The reach of this channel is therefore phenomenal:

  1. Facebook has 1.79 billion active users worldwide, of whom 6.2 million are Facebook users in Belgium. That is 55% of the total Belgian population.
  2. 80% of Belgian Facebook users log in daily. This means that almost 5 million Belgians check their Facebook updates every day.
  3. 87% of Flemish youngsters (12 to 18 years) have an active Facebook account. That makes Facebook the most used social network by young people in secondary school. 
  4. Facebook users spend an average of 20 minutes a day on Facebook. This accounts for some 22% of the total time spent on the internet. 
  5. The average Facebook user has 115 to 510 friends.
  6. In Belgium, only 43% of companies use Facebook.

Facebook for business: to do or not to do?

Facebook for businesses: can you still ignore it? We believe not. Facebook is everywhere – be there or be square. Just think of the potential: 55% of the Belgian population is on Facebook. In contrast, only 43% of all Belgian businesses are on Facebook. In the Netherlands, 65% of businesses have a Facebook company page. Do we need to say more?

Benefits of Facebook for businesses

  1. You only sell when your customers know who you are. To reach them, you have to go to the place where they spend a lot of time and that is Facebook.
  2. Facebook gives you the opportunity to engage in personal interaction with your (potential) customers. It gives your company a human face and its own personality (branding!).
  3. It is a cheap, customer-friendly, accessible and personal extra channel for your customer service. But beware: Facebook is a very dynamic channel, so your customer expects an answer to his question always and quickly.
  4. Facebook Insights provide you with valuable information about the interaction of your target audience with your business. 
  5. Your target audience does not have to go to a separate website to purchase your products, you just show them right at the post itself. 
  6. A Facebook page is visible in Google, one of the biggest advantages of Facebook for businesses and good for your SEO.
  7. You can create a very extensive Facebook business page, which makes you easier to find in Google and provides a lot of relevant information to your potential customers. 
  8. With Facebook Advertising, you can advertise very specifically on, for example, interests, characteristics and location. 

Dazzling Facebook insights statistics

Facebook Insights, as mentioned, provides very nice and clear insights into which posts are successful and which are not, how many likes are added per week, how many views videos get and demographics about your audience. As an example, we are happy to show you the Dazzle Facebook Insights stats from July and August 2018.

Inzichten van Dazzle Facebook posts
Grafiek die bereik van een bericht toont

What do we conclude from this? Posts with a more personal message, like our post of August 9th about the shooting of a commercial, work best. We reached 196 people, compared to 143 with the vacancy post of August 22nd. Whether you offer a product or a service, personal photos, videos and stories work.

Dazzle and Facebook advertising: yes!

On the graph above, you see two colours of orange: light orange is the free organic reach and dark orange is the paid reach. In fact, we started using Facebook Advertising in August 2018. Why? To boost our reach in a deliberate and controlled way. And what can we already say? That it pays off!

After only 12 days of Facebook Advertising, we already had 4 new followers, 64 people clicked on our ad and 39 people – who had never heard of Dazzle – read our article. And this for only € 120. A small price for 39 new, potential customers. 39 people who will think of Dazzle the day they need web design or digital marketing. 

You are perfectly capable of boosting your Facebook page yourself. If you prefer to outsource or be helped on your way, just get in touch.

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