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Social media marketing: why and how to start?

Social media are omnipresent, both privately and professionally. No less than 7.5 million Belgians are active on at least one social media platform. So there is a good chance that your target audience is also active on social media. This of course brings great opportunities with it. So it’s high time to start doing social media marketing!

What is social media marketing?

But what is it exactly? Quite simply, it is a marketing method whereby you use social media to achieve your online goals. No matter how diverse the goals are, from creating awareness to generating sales, social media marketing is a very valuable technique for each of them.

Why choose social media marketing?

Large and diverse reach

We already referred to the large number of Belgians who are present on social media. So it goes without saying that you can reach an awful lot of people through marketing on those channels.

Keep in mind that each platform has a specific audience and you can therefore use different channels in a different way to activate your target audience(s).

It is therefore important to determine which channel is used for which purposes. For example, companies better take into account a number of Facebook laws to get more likes, comments and shares.

Personal interaction

Social media marketing is the perfect way to have a more direct and personal communication with your customers. It is thus an important factor to increase customer satisfaction, create more loyalty and it can even lead to community building . This in turn leads to higher sales in the long run.

Measurable results

The various platforms often also contain extensive possibilities for measuring the success of your efforts. Although an additional analysis in Google Analytics is recommended. Which type of posts works better, on which days and at which times? That way, you can adjust and optimise your social media efforts.

Define your social media strategy in advance!

Because everyone hears the success stories about social media, many entrepreneurs start it without a real social media strategy. They post without any regularity content that their target audience is not waiting for, and this for example only on Facebook. This is even worse than having no presence at all on social media. Look before you leap and write a good social media strategy.

Another problem is that the social media strategy is sometimes seen as a very separate strategy, but it is necessary to carry out your social media marketing within the framework of the overall marketing strategy.

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