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Visual elements.​

We work with visual elements, namely illustrations, to make our brand lighter and more fun. This reflects the easy-going and light-hearted nature of Dazzle as a company. 

Our set of illustrations is directly linked to the Dazzle brand. You’ll notice that each illustration has the typical Dazzlin’ Red processed in it one way or another. 

You will notice the usage of these illustrations throughout our entire communication. 

Dazzle Girl Branding

How to use an illustration.

We have 30 illustrations you can choose from. 

  • Do not use more than 1 illustration per topic.
  • The color Dazzlin’ Red should always be visible somewhere in the illustration.
  • Note that you don’t always need to use an illustration. We love the philosophy “less is more”.

When to use an illustration.

Our illustrations can serve as visual support:

  • with a campaign image. They become, as it were, a spatial object in a photographic environment;
  • as an element in an infographic;
  • as a graphic element to symbolically reinforce the topic.
when to use images in the dazzle branding


These illustrations can be used as visuals for our website, social media, newsletter, as well as for printed matter and other offline communication. Examples can be found all throughout our website, newsletters, social media posts, and right here, to your left. 

Download our illustrations here.

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