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our colours

The color of our drive.

Have we dazzled you yet with out flaming red colour? This colour was a conscious choice as it’s strong, direct and of course, dazzling.  

Dazzle’s bright and vibrant color red expresses our progressive nature, passion and drive.

Primary colours.

These are the primary brand colours. They are the main colours used in all graphics, text, publications, signage, ect. These colours are central to the brand’s visual identity. The primary brand color is associated with our logo.

CMYK: 0-89-86-0
RGB: 255-63-48
HEX: #ff3f30

CMYK: 80-76-59-80
RGB: 9-1-24
HEX: #090118

Secondary colour.

The dark purple that is visible in our illustrations may also be used as an accent colour or background colour.

Purple rain- dazzle

CMYK: 79-80-0-0
RGB: 80-31-209
HEX: #5033d1

Tertary colours.

These colours are mostly used for text.

  • White Lightning may be used as a plain background.
  • Do not use Warm Grey as a fill area for objects or backgrounds.

CMYK: 0-0-0-0
RGB: 225-225-225
HEX: #ffffff

CMYK: 70-64-63-64
RGB: 45-45-45
HEX: #2d2d2d

How do you combine colours?

A few rules to keep in mind when using our colours:

  1. Only use Dazzlin’ Red, Dark Grey, Purple Rain or White Lightning as text.
  2. Avoid white text on light grey backgrounds.

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