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Tone of voice

Tone of voice.

At Dazzle, we have a few rules when it comes to communication:

  1. Write using the you form (‘je’ instead of ‘u’ in Dutch).
  2. Communicate without spelling errors.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Solve the problem.
  5.  Know what you’re talking about.
5 rules dazzle

Rule 1: the you form.

Dazzle has a personal approach and this is reflected in our Dutch communication. By using ‘you’ (‘je’ in Dutch, not ‘u’), we aim to create a familiar feeling rather than creating distance. This is a vital part of our branding. Exceptions can be made in official documents like contracts.

Rule 2: no spelling errors.

We value correct spelling in both internal and external communication. Adhering to the fundamental spelling rules is thus a must. Proofreading by at least two people is a standard practise for every text.

Rule 3: keep it simple.

In order to make ourselves comprehensible for everyone, we communicate as simple as possible. We aim to write so that even 15 year olds with no knowledge on the matter understand what we’re talking about. 

Rule 4: solve the problem.

It’s our job to solve the problems that our customers are facing. As such, this problem-solving mentality should also be reflected in our writing. Finding and offering solutions to our audience is a top priority. 

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Rule 5: know what you're talking about.

It’s no use writing about a subject that you barely know anything about. In-depth research is a necessity and will be reflected in the amount of detail that is put into our written content. 


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