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Hadoo was created in response to the increasing demand for connectivity. Hadoo is a mobile app where you make connections based on interests. You can easily sign up for an activity or create your own event. Things such as age, gender, skin colour, wealth, religion, marital status, the weight of your wallet, etc. do not matter on our app.

Hadoo de app to meet friends

Primary colours.

These are the primary brand colours of Hadoo. They are the main colours used in all graphics, text, publications, signage, ect. These colours are central to the brand’s visual identity and are associated with our logo.

Hadoo Blue

Happy Yellow

CMYK:  65-0-20-0
RGB: 50-197-209
HEX: #32C5D1

CMYK: 1-15-97-0
RGB: 255-211-23
HEX: #FFD317

Secondary colour.

The Pink Power colour is only used on our website when you hover or click on something. We use this color more frequently in our app. Pink Power is mainly used for the icons and as an accent color.

Pink Power

CMYK:  13-95-11-0
RGB: 211-45-132
HEX: #D32D84

Logo variations.

Our blue logo, as well as the yellow logo, are preferred when working with a white background. The options are shown below. 

If the coloured logo is not possible (for aesthetic, technical or background reasons), you can also use the basic logo in the following color versions: white with a Happy Yellow background, or a shade of grey with a blank background


The rules we have established for our logo variations also apply to the use of our favicon.


The font Quicksand is used in the application, our website, and in offline communication such as print. 



Quicksand Bold, Semibold, Medium, Regular, Light and Extra light are used for continuous texts (titles & body copy), both for physical and digital applications.


We work with icons, to make our brand lighter and more fun. This reflects the easy-going and light-hearted nature of the purpose of Hadoo.

Our set of icons is directly linked to the Hadoo brand. You’ll notice that each icon has the typical colors processed in it one way or another. 

Our icons are used throughout our application, website and offline communication. 

Download our logos & icons.

Hadoo logo png. zip


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Hadoo logo eps. zip

Hadoo logo - v6.eps.zip

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Hadoo logo svg. zip


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Icons eps. zip

Hadoo Iconen-2023.eps.zip

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