Dazzle Quality Handbook.

Redmine manual.

Redmine is our ticketing system and is used for all project communication with our customers. All communication concerning the activities to be performed (= ticket or issue) of a project is handled via Redmine. So we do not use emails, except for reporting a new question / problem by the customer to Dazzle (via support@dazzle.be). 

Login credentials: 

  • URL: https://redmine.dazzle.be/ 
  • USR: first_letter_first_name + family_name (e.g. Luc Claeys => lclaeys) 
  • initial PSW:  username+dazzle (e.g. for Luc Claeys => lclaeysdazzle) (to be changed at first login)

Ticket creation: 

Customers can not create tickets. Any new request should be communicated by sending an e-mail to support@dazzle.be. A ticket will automatically be created. 

Important Redmine fields: 

  • Project: name of the project.
  • Tracker: activity type: 
    • Task: a general to do
    • Feature: a new functionality requested
    • Bug: a malfunction
  • Subject: short description of the ticket
  • Status:
    • New: not started yet
    • In progress: : someone’s responsibility
    • Feedback: waiting on input from the customer
    • Resolved: problem solved and ready to be tested by project manager
    • Closed: accepted & confirmed to customer
  • Priority: high/normal/low
  • Assignee: is the next in the chain. So: after answering/commenting on the ticket: ASSIGN IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!
  • Start date: is never used
  • Due date: expected delivery date
  • Estimated time: is the time we need to do this
  • Description: is the extensive description of the ticket: what, why, when, who, how. 

DO NOT FORGET TO MODIFY THE ASSIGNEE AFTER FORMULATING YOUR ANSWER. Otherwise, the ticket will stay with you forever.


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