Dazzle Quality Handbook.

Introduction to Dazzle.

Who we are.

Dazzle is a web agency based in Ghent, Belgium. We are a structured, open-minded and direct company with a focus on long-term projects. 

What we do.

You are a partner with whom we have a close relationship. This means that you are not just a number to us.  Because we are a small and dedicated team, your project won’t be passed on from one person to another. 

We approach every project with the same care and attention to detail. With our senior team of creative and skilled people, we transform ideas into tangible websites and mobile apps or create useful Drupal and WordPress products.

Dazzle works with an international team. Our employees are (currently) located in Belgium, Greece and Finland. Dazzle is a company that is based on respect and trust, allowing remote work to be a success. 

How we work.

We work with a local project management team, combined with four nearshore development teams in Greece: 

By choosing this approach, we offer reliable and affordable services and products. 


Our vision   >