Dazzle Quality Handbook.

Problem definition categories.

Dazzle describes the urgency of support requests as indicated below. Dazzle responds to the submitted ticket based on the urgency indicated by the customer at the time of ticket/issue submission.

  • Critical: Customer’s production system is inoperative; or customer’s production operations or productivity are severely impacted with no available workaround; or is a critical security issue. Critical issues are eligible for 24×7 support.
  • High: Customer’s production system is operating but the issue is causing disruption of customer’s business operations; workaround cannot be used for an extended period. This is the highest designation available for development and help desk questions. Only eligible for office hours support.
  • Medium: Customer’s system is operating and the issue’s impact on the customer’s business operations is moderate to low; a workaround or alternative is available. Only eligible for office hours support.
  • Low: Issue is a minor inconvenience and does not impact business operations in any significant way; issues with little or no time sensitivity. Only eligible for office hours support.

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