Dazzle Quality Handbook.


Redmine is an open source project management and issue tracking tool. It manages all tasks in a project, you can assign tasks and balance workloads, and it optimises cooperation with customers and external contacts. You can monitor time spent on all projects, track budgets and make adjustments. 

Redmine is the task management tool used by Dazzle. There are 2 ways to log in:

  • Dazzle team members: you can log in to Redmine via the Keycloak by pressing the SSO button on the login Redmine screen.
  • Customers: via entering your login and password.

Time logging:

We work 38 hours a week. We have flexible hours, but you should be online between 10AM and 4PM. 

A lunch break of at least 30′ is required. 

All hours should be logged in Redmine (including holidays) on a daily basis. 


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