Dazzle Quality Handbook.

Technical maintenance: Drupal.


Scope of services.

All Drupal updates, core and contrib modules will be applied on a monthly basis. 


  • Major security updates will be applied immediately.
  • In case the update is in conflict with a custom module, the developer has to fix his module for the update to proceed.

Monthly process.

  • Make backups of all files and database
  • Create a Redmine Task 
  • Clone Website to localhost (dev environment)
  • Check for available and feasible updates (Core and Contrib)
  • Check for patches and reroll them for the new version
  • Apply updates and patches
  • Apply database updates
  • Manual test Installation and check for errors
  • Run PHP tests if they are available
  • Create a new branch and merge changes to git repository
  • Deploy to QA Server (Manual or with Gitlab Pipeline) 
  • Fill the task with the estimated time, version from updated modules and anything notable from the process
  • Assign task to Dazzle/Client for review
  • Once approved deploy to Production Server
  • Finally check If any changes have been made to robots.txt or .htaccess and ensure that these are incorporated with the new version. 


  • Compatibility control with the by Dazzle supported browsers (see http://caniuse.com/#comparison: actual + previous version): Chrome, Firefox, IE – Edge, Safari en iOS Safari 
  • Availability: 8am – 6pm Central Europe Time, Monday-Friday (24x7x365 availability is optional)
  • CMS: Dazzle will support the current major version of CMS (N) and the immediately preceding major version (N-1). For example, Dazzle will support Drupal 9.x and Drupal 8.x simultaneously. 
  • Optional services: 
    • Monthly check of the log files: 
      • Drupal logs
      • Application server logs (PHP)
      • Web server logs (Apache)
    • Monthly check of broken links via the Google Search Console and via a link checked on the website itself.
    • Advisory Support: Customers may engage in advisory support discussions with Dazzle on best practices for generic topics including security, migration, performance tuning, module development and architecture. 


Average prices are: 

  • Drupal 7 technical support: 150 Euro/month
  • Drupal 8/9 technical support: 250 Euro/month

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