Dazzle Quality Handbook.

Technical maintenance: WordPress.


Scope of services.

All WordPress updates, core and plugins, will be applied on a monthly basis. 

Exceptions: major security updates will be applied immediately.

Monthly process.

  • Check all available updates 
  • Check the site before updating and keep tabs open
  • Make backup of site in ManageWP
  • Check the changelog of the update for any major changes
  • Safe-update per plugin/theme that needs updating so we can see a before and after in ManageWP 6. Check the backend of the site for any errors.
  • Refresh the tabs that were open and see if there are any major changes
  • Clear all caches
  • Assign task to Dazzle/Client for review (only for major updates)
  • Once approved deploy to Production Server


Average prices are: 

  • WordPress technical support: 55 Euro/month

Pricing 24 x 7 x 365 availability fee >