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WordPress, the most popular open source CMS, is the ideal choice to create easier and quicker to develop and user-friendly websites. 

We work with custom designs ensuring that you have a unique website that contains the soul of your business.

Why WordPress?

Our advantages


Agile or Waterfall approach

For our WordPress projects, we use either an Agile or Waterfall approach. Agile has an iterative approach that has different sprints and allows for more flexibility.

Waterfall provides a structured plan from start to finish. This way, requirements are established early on, saving time and avoiding surprises in the future.


Senior WP consultants

We have a team of senior WordPress profiles ready to tackle your project. Their WordPress expertise is constantly being upgraded and challenged to provide the best possible websites for you.

We work with highly skilled WordPress developers who are used to applying a problem-solving mentality.


Local team

Our local team of  dedicated WordPress specialists create websites that are functional and appealing in the front, while being intuitive and easy to operate in the back.

Our transparant nature puts our clients in direct contact with developers, allowing issues to be solved in a quick manner. 

Ready to make your life easier with WordPress?

We find a match between design and functionality, resulting in a website tailored to your visitor’s needs.

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Some of our WordPress cases

Punch Powertrain

Punch Powertrain needed a new website that reflected their identity.

Punch Powertrain previously had a fairly static website, but for the new website a dynamic approach was chosen and WordPress was the ideal CMS.
Case study in@concrete mobile


Dazzle enabled IN2-CONCRETE to take their next step with their international online business.

The collaboration with IN2-CONCRETE resulted in a multisite with multi-currency, multi-store and multilingual setups.
ferrobellissimo casestudy


A long-term collaboration with a focus on a personal approach and reliability.

Dazzle created a Drupal e-commerce website in 2012. Now, an updated version of the website was remade in WordPress, including a new look and feel.

Our blog.

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What is robots.txt?

A robots.txt is a small text file that lists which pages and files a search engine may or may not crawl. Read why it can be useful here.
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